Stressless Consul Home Office
Width:29 inch
Depth:27 inch
Height:44 inch
Height max:46 3/4 inch
Seat height:18 1/2 inch
Seat height max:21 1/4 inch
Seat depth:18 inch
  • Material:Leather
  • Color:Batick - Wild Dove
  • Size:Medium
  • Wood color:Grey


Our Home Office Chairs have the same functions as our Stressless Recliners: offering good lumbar and head support whether you sit upright or you recline. Stressless Consul Home Office is a classic chair that easily fits into any home and always gives you a warm welcome. The Stressless Home Office chairs have wheels that make it easy to move around and you can adjust the seat height to find the perfect position. Also, it doesn't hurt that the chair blends in perfectly with the rest of the interior. After all, in your own home office, you're the boss.

Material & Color


Batick is a corrected, pigment-improved and grain-embossed upholstery leather, which has had most of its natural marks removed. Batick may have a two-tone colour effect to liven up the surface. Batick is resistant to fading, although changes in colour will occur over time with use and exposure to light. A protective layer of lacquer simplifies cleaning. Simple cleaning, excellent utilisation properties and a favourable price make Batick a good choice.

Wild Dove


Home Office

The wheels on the base make it easy to move around. There is also a lever under the seat that allows you to adjust the seat height.


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